First of all, thank you very much for participating in the collab concept with our media.

To begin with, can you tell us how you got started in music?

I began rapping after a trip to Thailand in 2017. To fill my time, I started writing lyrics. Quickly, I found myself drawn to it and never looked back. I’ve always been a huge music enthusiast. Initially, my efforts were lacking, but I worked tirelessly and with fervor to refine my own style.

In the context of our song collaboration, you created the music ‘So Good.’ What inspired you in the creation of this music?

The beat immediately resonated with me. It’s a blend of old school and new wave. The theme came to me quickly; I wanted something where I could rap with that touch of melancholy, something that reflects who I am. Big shoutout to Ozo for the production and my bro Dino for the mix/master.

In our media, we are very focused on discovering international music and sounds. The south of France has always had great rappers with a strong appetite for lyrics and flow, mentioning artists/groups like Fonky Family, IAM, SCH, Soso Maness, and even a Jul on quite a few of his freestyles. In 2024, we also see a new generation emerging with artists like Zamdane, ACHIM, etc.
How do you experience this as an artist from the south? Is it something that motivates you musically? »

Truth be told, there have always been standout performers in our southern scene, each with their own unique style. But now, as rap styles continue to evolve, we’re witnessing an emergence of incredibly talented individuals. It’s definitely motivating. There’s space for everyone. I see it as a starting line where we’re all aligned, and if we stay true to our paths, there’s no need for stepping on each other’s toes. Everyone has their journey, and here’s to strength for all.

For newcomer artists from the south who have less visibility, are there any structures (media/associations, etc.) that help build the local rap scene to bring them more into the spotlight?

In Montpellier, there are plenty of events, open mics, and small venues. Media outlets like RapDeChezNous or Le Revers highlight local artists. I’m aware of an association or rap academy too. Personally, I’m quite solitary. I have my crew, and we work closely together. Big shoutout to L’Arche, by the way.

To conclude this short interview, I have one additional question: what are the upcoming projects for TOM in music? Are there any new projects on the horizon?

In 2024, there’s going to be some serious movement. Right now, I’ve got a music video that dropped last month, “CASINO”, produced by Papillon Production. I’ve also got a mixtape ready to go for this summer, packed with even more visuals. And currently, I’m collaborating with L’Arche on an EP—a project that’s delving deeper into artistic direction, exploring themes that really resonate with me. It’s going to be super introspective, revealing a part of myself, and it’s set for release shortly after the start of the new season, fingers crossed.

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